Not necessarily a Wildlife shot. This could be anything caught anywhere. So expect the unexpected!!


Photo of the Month 2019


August 2019

Rest Harrow - A tiny flowering member of the pea family growing on sand at the top end of the local beach


The tiny beautiful flowering Rest Harrow - another shot from my on-going beach project

1/500th Sec @ f8  - iso200 - 150mm macro - A 6 image manually focused stack


July 2019 

 Purple Broomrape inflorescence - A true beauty and classic of coastal north east Norfolk


A focus stack of 12 images with each image - 1/400th Sec - f4 - 60mm macro - iso 400 


June 2019

It may not be the great plains of Africa, but life struggles go on everywhere - including Mundesley beach.

This capture shows a predatory Millipede with it's captured weevil.

Predator and prey  -  Millipede and Weevil

A 12 image stack with each image - 1/400th Sec @ f4.5 -  60mm macro - iso 500


May 2019

My first baby birds of the year and currently they seem to be everywhere and a times the garden seems overflowing - so someone seems to have had a good year so far.


Fledgling Starling chick begging to be fed

1/1000th Sec @ f5.6 - iso400 - 300mm + 1.4 extender - S-AF 


April 2019

Spring certainly has sprung and all sorts of things are starting to appear with so many spring flowers bursting into life, growing and flowering, so to continuing my on-going project to record the coastal flowering plants of Norfolk here's a tiny classic! The Common Daisy growing on the beach.


Common Daisy - A struggle for survival and managing to grow on the local beaches.

A 10 image stack to maintain focus throughout the tiny plant whilst retaining a diffused background. 

Each image - 1/200th Sec  @ f11 - 150mm macro - MF - iso200. 



March 2019

An often overlooked subject  -  but away from being a nuisance and stealing your chips a quite beautiful little Gull and a fabulous subject to photograph


Adult Black headed Gull moulting in to summer breeding plumage

 1/2000th Sec @ f8 - 120mm - C-AF - Auto iso400


February 2019

 After a long absence in recovery, hopefully we're now back online and ready to go, or as best as!!

 Atlantic Grey Seal day old pup

One of the first arrivals of the latest breeding season. An incredible breeding success which has increased from nearly nothing in the late eighties to producing 2069 pups this year. In an over populated UK with very little space for wildlife this is truly amazing and something that to survive at strength into the future will certainly need our care, understanding and protection.

 1/1600 Sec @ f8 - C-AF - iso800


June 2018

 Mundesley beach - A continuing record of what grows and flowers on the local beaches

The tiny succulent Sea Sandwort in flower

1/400th Sec @ f11 - 5 focus stacked images to hold depth of focus throughout this tiny plant whilst retaining and attractive and diffuse background - MF - iso200


May 2018

Another super shot from the latest Florida photo tour 


A migratory Red Knot feeding on the shoreline with the receding tide leaving a gorgeous reflection on the wet sand

 1/2000th Sec @ f8 - 100-400m + 1.4 x extender - AFS C - iso 640


April 2018

 A great start to this years Florida photo-tour. A very angelic capture of this adult 'Spoonie' coming in to land.

A beautiful breeding plumage adult Roseate Spoonbill coming in to land.

 1/4000 Sec @ f8 - 100-400mm @ 200mm - AI Servo - EC -1/3 - iso640


March 2018

From our recent very eventful trip to California!!


Wall to wall seals and absolute mayhem in the colony when the amorous Alpha male comes calling!

Northern Elephant Seal colony - central California coast 

 1/1250th Sec @ f9 - 400mm - AI Servo - iso800


February 2018

Romantic and aggressive courtship grey seal style!!

Atlantic Grey Seal - young bull & cow pair bonding

1/1000th Sec @ f8 - 500mm - AI Servo - EC+1 stop - iso 2500


January 2018

Another super shot from the latest Falklands photo-tour - Some days it's so windy it's so hard to even stand up, especially when you're so tiny.


Upland Geese goslings in a sandstorm

1/1000th Sec @ f11 - 100-400mm - AI Servo -iso1000 


December 2017 

 Just home from the Falklands photo-tour and this little beauty is the first image to catch my eye. At the end of the day it might not end up being the greatest image from the trip, but the cute look on the face and bow wave the pup has created as it comes ashore is simply perfect. I 'love' it!


Southern Elephant Seal pup and bow wave.

1/2500th Sec @ f8 - 100-400mm @ 250mm - EC +1/3rd - iso 2000 - AI Servo


November 2017

Not a current picture this month, but this little cutie was just selected by the Daily Mail newspaper as being one of the 50 best Sea life pictures 'ever'. So quite an achievement and quite rightly proud of this one.

Black browed Albatross chick - Saunders Island. 


October 2017

Hot off the press - Just home from the Canadian Rockies photo-tour. A beautiful sunrise from Patricia Lake, Jasper national park, Alberta.

One of my favourite Canadian scenes - Patricia Lakes. Jasper National park, Alberta.

2 Secs @ f16 - 24mm - MF - ND grads - iso100 


September 2017

I have always been fascinated by the plants which try to get a foothold on my local beach and grow on the stable areas of sandy beach behind the sea walls and groynes. This is part of an on going project and it's really interesting to see the annual changes. 


Scarlet Pimpernel 

A beautiful little wasteland planet growing on loose sand beneath the cliff line - NE. Norfolk.

1/60th Sec @ f16 - 180mm macro - MF - iso 800 - ground level bean bag


August 2017

Oshkosh 2017 - It's taken years to get there, but worth the wait and what an excellent place there's aeroplanes everywhere big and small, old and new and this is just about as new as you can get.


A USAF F35A Lightning 2 stealth fighter on take off

1/400th Sec @ f8 - 100-400mm @ 175mm - AI Servo - iso 400


July 2017

Backlit macro shots of seed pods always provide impressive subject material and I've been doing a lot of this work lately - a very enjoyable project and resulting series of images.  

Broom seed pod

0.6 Sec @ f11 - 60mm macro - Manual Focus - iso400


June 2017

I've always been fond of Seabirds - hence the Falklands trips!! And at the end of May I had the opportunity to visit Great Saltee, ROI. Somewhere I'd always hoped to go, but never thought it would be possible, so thanks to Robert Thompson for the invite. A great place and a great few days photography which I thoroughly enjoyed.


Roosting Razorbill at sunset

1/2000th Sec @ f8 - 100-400mm - Single shot AF - iso 800 


May 2017

One of my annual enjoyable sessions - Meadow Pipits with mouths full of grubs and insects and even though we all think it's damned cold, wet and windy at the moment, these little industrious things are well into raising and fledging their first broods of 2017. Always lovely to see, watch and photograph.


Adult Meadow Pipit on sentry post on it's way back to it's nest site with a beak full of small flies.

 1/2000th Sec @ f8 - 500mm + 1.4 extender - Single shot AF - iso 800


April 2017 

 Something very different indeed!! I've given myself a spring project of trying to capture some images of Adders wild and free. Not the easiest of subjects and not the easiest of things to actually find, but a very interesting and worthwhile little project even if it's incredibly time consuming.


A pre-slough male Adder recently out of hibernation.

1/160th Sec @ f11 - 100-400mm @ 250mm - Single shot AF - iso800 


March 2017

Face off!! From this years Yellowstone winter photo-tour

American Bison - females with snow covered faces foraging in the snow.

1/800th Sec @ f9 - 500mmf4 - single shot AF - iso 800


February 2017

Just home from another great winter trip to Yellowstone NP. Super photography and a lovely in habitat image of this young male Bison - the image is set in context with the mountains in the background. 


Young bull American Bison

1/800th Sec @ f11 - 100-400mm @ 135mm - single shot AF - iso800 


January 2017

 A very Happy New year to everyone - here's to a successful and enjoyable 2017

Something completely different to start off 2017 with - an animated Gif file of an animated seal pup.

They're very easy to compile and good fun - Enjoy and give it a go!


December 2016

 Just home from another fabulous photo-tour to the Falklands - This really is a world premier site and deserves this months PoM. The 2017 Falklands photo-tour is now on sale - why not join me on this fabulous trip of a lifetime.

Even though the sun's going down you don't need to stop taking photo's - An adult Magellanic Penguin braying and displaying outside of it's burrow at sunset.

1/1600th Sec @ f8 - 100-400mm @ 400mm - EC.2/3rd's - Single shot AF - iso 400


November 2016

Another super image from the latest fabulous fall tour of Yellowstone NP - I just love the symmetry of this image

Pronghorn - line a breast!

1/400th sec @ f8 - 100-400 @ 115mm - AI Servo - iso400 


October 2016 

One from this years Yellowstone Fall photo-tour - Washakie. A very handsome alpha male Moose.

Even at a safe distance this guy looked huge - An alpha male Shiras Moose

 1/500th Sec @ f5.6 - 400mm - AI Servo - iso4000


September 2016

Round leaved Sundew - One of only 3 UK insectivorous plants


A Round leaved Sundew plantlet growing on Sphagnum - North Norfolk marshes

A 3 image stack to hold focus throughout - 1/60th Sec @ f14 - 180m macro - MF - iso 100 


August 2016 

This may not be the best image that I've taken this year but it shows the brand new Lightning fighter which was certainly the major star of the UK's summer air show season. This is the most influential and technologically advanced aircraft in the world - It's destined to be in frontline service for the next 30 to 40 years so will definitely out live me and as we move in to an era of Sci fi aircraft and requirements this could also be the last manned fighter aircraft ever built.


This years star turn at RIAT 2016 - The very impressive USMC L.M. F35B Lightning 2 in the hover 


July 2016

A very intimate and cute shot from this years summer trip to Canada 

Mountain Goat Kid sheltering behind Mom

1/1600 Sec @ f10 - 100-400mm @ 400mm - AI Servo - iso400 


June 2016

 From a fabulous weekend in Gibraltar and on the Rock


Barbary Macaque, mother and youngster

1/800th Sec @ f10 - 100-400mm - Single shot AF - iso400 


May 2016

Florida is still a great destination for the bird photographer with many varied opportunities presenting themselves.  If you'd like to join me in 2017 please register your interest. 


Tri-colored Herons

An unusually dull day in Florida - There was action and to capture it I needed to go beyond and used iso4000 - Excellent results and quite impressed! 

100-400mm - 1/2000Sec @ f8 - AI servo - iso4000


March 2016

A classic landscape from the latest winter Yellowstone photo-tour 

24-70mm @ 38mm - 1/3200 Sec @ f11 - Single shot AF - iso200 


February 2016 

A very cold and frosty American Bison - The first in an excellent series of images from this years winter Yellowstone photo-tour 

An American Bison at -30f - Cold and frosty or what!

100-400mm @ 150mm - 1/640 Sec @ f9 - AI Servo - iso400


January 2016 

Atlantic Grey Seal - Cow & week old pup 

An incredibly unique capture showing the intimate bond between a mother and her pup. The maternal moment doesn't last to long for seals but while it does they're as good and as protective of their young as anything else, ever watchful and ever protective.

 100-400mm @ 280mm - 1/400th Sec @ f8 - Single shot AF - iso800



December 2015

 Another great night photo shoot with the Army Historic flight at Middle Wallop

The Army Historic flight DHC2 Beaver

70 - 200mm @ 100mm -  5 Secs @ f5.6 - Single shot AF


November 2015

Autumn is my favourite time of the year - There's just so much to see and do and one of my favourite activities is the challenge of photographing as much and as many different Fungi species as I can. Always difficult with the weather at this time of year but always enjoyable. 

Micro Mycena - Mycena vitilis growing on a pine cone

180mm macro - f20 - MF - iso200 


October 2015

 We've had some fabulous opportunities to photograph the moon during 2015 - An eclipse earlier in the year and this time it was an enlarged moon followed later that night by a blood moon. Unfortunately it was cloudy over coastal Norfolk at the time of the reddening moon and we weren't able to see it - Thankfully I managed a series of the giant moon earlier in the evening.

2x multiple timed exposures of  the moon with 3 images capture on each frame and then stitched together in photoshop


September 2015 

During the week long Cromer carnival one of the highlights every year is an aerobatic display team. This year we had the pleasure of seeing the 'Blades' once again and as normal they operated out of Northrepps giving an excellent opportunity to get up close and personal with the aircraft. 

Something a little different. The image was taken as a close up to focus attention on the aircrafts shape and form, and the teams name and sponsor's.

The image was converted into B&W from a colour file and with the use of a mask I left the colour on the special adaptation of the RAF roundel to draw the focus and attention to the RAF Benevolent Fund logo. Job done and a very pleasing image.

16-35mm @ 16mm - 1/1000 Sec @ f11 - iso 200 


August 2015 

Shuttleworth's wings and wheels airshow 02nd August 2015 

A beautiful Russian Yakovlev Yak 11 training aircraft - visiting display aircraft August 2015 

100-400mm - 1/2000 Sec @ f8 - AI Servo - iso400 


 July 2015

 Another classic behavioural shot from this years fabulous trip to the Canadian Rockies


Hoary Marmots fighting - Sulphur Mountain - Banff NP - Alberta

100-400mm @ 240mm - 1/1600 Sec @ F11 - AI Servo - iso800


 June 2015

 One of many fabulous landscape shots from this summers trip to the Canadian Rockies - Voted one of the world's best roads, there's a classic image around every corner.

We haven't done a photo-tour to Canada for a couple of years and this trip encouraged me to want to take another group in 2017 - Make a diary date and pre-register for this fabulous trip 

Athabasca Falls, Jasper NP, Alberta, Canada

 16-35mm @ 20mm - 0.8 Sec @ F11 + ND Little Stopper - MF - iso 200